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I was born to the family of the High and Primary school teachers,  in Crimea, the former Soviet Union that was. Oh, I see you are frowning your brow now :-) I have the most beautiful childhood memories of my grandparent's house in the South of Crimean peninsula and big family gatherings outside, around a big dinner table under the grapevine pergola. Beautiful beaches; mountains;  the Black Sea; the clear southern night skies and the brightest stars I have ever seen... and of course, miles and miles of the vineyards... it's a wine region, you know. It was beautiful. However, growing up wasn't that breezy...  Having encountered many different experiences left me baffled and puzzled...  I started to wonder what is the point of all of THIS and life itself? Anyway, I went through University with rigorous training as a Ballet Dancer and Choreographer, got a Bachelor degree, but did it for a living only for a short time as the Soviet Union imploded and the whole system went belly up. Those were the dark times. I have worked for eight years as a radio personality and presenter on a radio station and loved every minute of it. Then I moved to England. Went to the Art college, and yes, I am an artist too... Then I moved to Australia and after four years I got back to England. In my constant quest of soul searching I have discovered Alba Wainman and Antonio Sangio and Itnrospective Hypnosis, I became their student and the rest is history.


 I am fully qualified Introspective Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy practitioner.

I believe they are the most powerful healing modalities (mind, body and soul) for humans to discover for their own well-being, soul growth and evolution.

Blessings xxx

P.S. I can facilitate sessions in Russian language as well, please contact me via email to make an arrangement. 

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion."

- Buddha -

Party, acrylic
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